HomeSeer v1.5.1 and remote shutdown


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Hey guys, let me start with saying that I am never ever going to get my wife to let me do all the cool stuff that I have seen in here.

ok, here is my problem, I have a windows 98 box that runs the homeseer application, I want to be able to use it to power down several windows xp boxes, but cannot figure out how to send the command to do it. Before you ask, upgrading the 98 box is not really an option, it is only a 166mhz with 98 meg of ram and I dont thing that it could handle xp.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
If you could "squeeze" Win2k on this machine then you could simply use a command call ShutGUI or many other network enabled shut down packages to shut remote machines down. The problem is Win98 doesn't allow the network type shutdowns. You could always put appliance modules on the remote PC's and power them off but this is not a good way to shut down a PC.
Thats not a bad idea but I am not sure that I have a copy of 2000 laying around. the other issue is that this machine will not boot from a cd so I would have to be able to boot from floppy to start the install. also it only has a 2 gig hard drive. Yes it is a really really really old machine
Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

I dont use HS so I cant comment on that, but some other ideas ...

Wizmo, not sure how to make it work over a lan as I havent triede this app, but might be worth taking a peak at.

Then there is Girder. Using the ievent.exe plug-in you should be able to do exactly what you want.

I know you probably dont want to use other applications, especially since your machine is pretty "old", but you did say ANY ideas ;)
Since you are already running HS on the Win 98 box, you could install the Message server plugin. Then on each XP computer that you want to shut down, you would run the client part of Message Server.

Rupp has a batch file that will run on the XP computers.
It available at:

Then when you want the XP computers to shut down, use Message Server to run the batch on each client. The batch file won't work on a win 98 computer but it will handle your XP ones.
Ok, well I was all happy about that option except for one little problem. I am running the 1.5.1 version of homeseer and dont really need to upgrade except for this new thing I want to try.
No, your bat file won't run on Win 98, but the way I read the first post was HomeSeer is on the Win 98 computer and is to be used to shut down Windows XP computers. So the bat file would only need to run on Windows XP.
You are correct, Homeseer is on a 98 machine and the only machines that I need to shutdown remotely are xp machines. but as I said in the previous post. I am running a version 1.5.1 and dont really wanna upgrade yet
Rupp on the upgrade, I guess my addled brain didnt realized that it didnt cost anything to upgrade so I will look at that again. However, fate has decided that I try windows 2000 first as suggested. I remembered that my laptop has a lic for 2000 from before I upgraded to xp and at somepoint last night while browsing for a command line option for the shutdown from 98. I got a nasty piece of spyware on my x10 machine that invalidated the explore.exe program(the main one when you boot) so my x10 pc would never boot, not even into safe mode, soooooooooo I will try the 2000 route first, since at this point I dont even have a machine to put homeseer on. ;) :angry: Not a real happy camper at the moment