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I dont know about the rest of the new guys out there but i would love to see a executable setup program which requires minimum or no input from me. In other words create a Modern looking Web interface and then make an executable that puts all the files in the right places and sets all the right buttons on homeseer so that all i have to do is type in http://localhost and start using the interface. Maybe once the interface is installed you would be able to customize it a little.

You could even use an exisiting interface that requires user setup and just put the files into and executable so they are distributed in the proper folders.

If this is to hard then a good How-To on setting up a custom interface would work also. I have programming skills and could write my own webpages but i have a lack of time to do so and it would take me months if not the entire year to get even the littlest interface done. On top of that i suck at graphics.

What do you guys think?
have you looked at the touch screen plugin? You don't need to have a touch screen and might be what you are looking for.
No i havent looked at it. Do you know where i might find some sceen shots. Also is it easy to setup or am i gonna have to put in another How-to Request
lol, it's easy to setup, just start the updater, select the touchscreen plugin, update, and when you restart HS, it should be in your menu (both the webbrowser and GUI).
If you want to see a little about Touchpad operation take a visit at my site. User ID & PW are both visitor

When you get in, select Touchpad and give it a try. Let me know what you think.
That looks good!! Something I also plan to impliment in the near future. In fact, I am using my new wifi audrey that I received this week to view your layout. Temporarly the Audrey is on the end table next to my recliner and I'm using it for this post.

Still trying to get used to the features and limitations of the Audrey! Then I'll be posting questions!