HomeSeer - X10 - Insteon PowerLinc question


I'm just started using HomeSeer 2.1 and also just added some X10 light switches (WS467) to my house. I'm using a 2414 PowerLinc V2 USB as an interface between the computer and my X10 and Insteon devices. In order to let me use some of the X10 wireless devices (remotes and motion sensors) , I added a W800RF32A receiver.

There are basically two events I'm trying to run that make use of wireless devices.
Both these events are actually quite simple. In one, a person walking down the basement stairs is detected by an ActiveEye motion sensor which sends B1 ON through the W80)RF32A to Homeseer. This is the trigger for an event where Homeseer sends a B9 ON command to the WS467 controlling the basement lights.

In both cases, the receiver and HomeSeer both flawlessly receive the X10 signal from the device (in one case a remote; in the other an ActiveEye motion sensor) that triggers the event. According to the HS log, the events run every time. But the lights only end up coming on less than half the time.

In the other, my wife (aarrrgh) clicks a remote when she comes home at night which sends an O1 ON command through the W800RF32A to Homeseer which then triggers an event that sends O9 ON to turn on the driveway lights.

I'd think I should write it off to X10 unreliability in a 30 year old house (though that seems awful extreme) and not bother you guys except for one thing. Although the end result (lights turning on) only happens about half the time when the event is fired through the triggers in Homeseer, it works every single time when I manually fire the events myself from within HomeSeer, either by clicking on the "Run" button in the Events screen or by manually triggering the action by clicking "Test" in the Action pane. The X10 controlled lights also turn on every time when I click the "On" button next to them in the Status screen of Homeseer.

Anyone have any idea why this would be the case? As far as I can tell looking at the HS log, there isn't any difference in the commands being sent when the event is triggered remotely (by someone walking down the basement stairs) or manually by me clicking "Run" in the Events window. Yet in one case the lights rarely come on and in the other they always do.

I realize that I probably need to add some X10 specific control hardware - either a Model 1132CU Powerlinc or some X10 repeaters but I'm not really wanting to just randomly buy stuff hoping to fix a problem that makes no sense to me. Any suggestions or idea would be eagerly welcomed since the WAF for this project is rapidly tanking.

I think you want to turn off the 'echo wireless commands to powerline' or similarly named feature in the wireless receiver plugin.
fitzpatri8 said:
I think you want to turn off the 'echo wireless commands to powerline' or similarly named feature in the wireless receiver plugin.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I was out of town until this afternoon and unable to try your suggestion. As soon as I got back home I turned off the retransmit feature in the ACRF plug-in and my problem was solved.

I'd been trying to figure this out for a couple weeks now without any success; even posted about it over on the HS discussion board and nobody seemed to know what was causing it.

This really was driving me crazy. Thank you so much for your help.