HomeToys monthly news letter

That's great BSR! The first article I ever published myself was on Hometoys, back in '99. Needless to say, it was a turning point in my HA hobby. Believe or not, you gain a different perspective just from doing that. There is also the funny feeling you get just before it goes on line.

I'd like BSR to share that experience himself right here...
I must credit electron for getting this article in HomeToys. I didn't think they would be to interested and HE was the one who submitted the article! Many thanks E!
BraveSirRobbin said:
I'd like BSR to share that experience himself right here...
Hehe, I don't even THINK I am in the same class with someone like Guy Lavoie!
And why not? We're all HA enthusiasts who like to share our different fields of knowledge.

A sign of knowledge and maturity in a given field is when you can start to put back in what you've been drawing out up until now. Personally, I get that same feeling of accomplishment from doing that as from designing and building my own projects. I think that most Cocooners are also a member of THAT club :p

And it doesn't have to limit itself to contributing technical knowledge itself: An activity like setting up and maintaining a web forum like this one is just another, equally valid way of "putting something back in".