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McDonalds is doing a promotional that gives your free movies every monday in october starting TONIGHT. Type the promotional code MONDAY in and you will receive the movie for one night free.

Then on those Non-Monday days you need to type the following codes to get a 2 for 1 deal

October 4-9 Type: ORANGE
October 11 - 16 Type: LEAF
October 18-23 Type: BASEBALL
October 25-30 Type: GHOST

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Ok, found this in the faqs:

What if the McDonald’s restaurant or grocery store where I rented my DVD is closed?

I think they are starting to install these in McDonalds stores (and grocery stores) and you enter the code at the machine...
Sorry guys, I did not realize that this was that new of a thing..

McDonalds now has vending machines in their stores that allow you to rent movies for a dollar a day. Just swipe your card and out pops the movie of your choice. This is very nice since I have a mcdonalds withing walking distance of my house.

I just found out that it is only in major cities as of now. Its been a huge hit in those cities which is probably why they are offering this promotion.
People still rent movies? In Huntsville the only rental stores left are Blockbuster and 2 of the 5 of them are closing.
For a buck a movie I could see dumping Netflix if the selection is good...and depending on how late fees and whatnot work....
I think that their late fee policy is, after 24 days you keep the movie and they bill your card for those 24 days. $24... But I am not positive about that. My brother told me that.
Chakara said:
For a buck a movie I could see dumping Netflix if the selection is good...and depending on how late fees and whatnot work....
Netflix is for the lazy man. Why walk down the block when you can walk to the mailbox?

Of course if you are only looking for a few movies a month, and going to McDonalds is convenient, that could make sense. Even with the best of intentions I could see myself keeping these extra days on a frequent basis. I would not be surprised if their tests prove this out as well. After all even if you have it 3 days, its close to a traditional rental (I think, been awhile for me).

Late fees and time to return movies is what originally got me to just buying them (it was often cheaper... but this goes back a ways ;)).
I agree with the rental thing. I am definately a procrastinator! With what was said aboe, if I rented a movie, I would then own it in 24 days hehehe.

I now just buy them. I don't go to the theatre that often, so I wait for the DVD's, and it works out to about the same price as a movie in a theatre and the $20 toddlers itsy-bitsy popcorn, and the extra small child size dixi cup of soda.

If you catch a movie when it is released on Tuesday, all the major stores compete and offer them at a really good price. Then it goes up in a couple/few days. I got Shrek II for like $13 and a week later it was $24.95.

I have around 350 movies in my collection to date. ( Do I even have to say they are oriiginal purchased copies )
Two more movie codes for one night of free rental. You can only use one at a time so you will have to check out using one code and then go back and and check out again using the second. These were given to my brother buy a technician while my brother was trying to rent a movie and the machine was down. The guy simply said here are two codes for your troubles.


Again both are good for one night of movie rentals at McDonalds redbox