House + workshop 2 systems?


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I am in the process of finishing out my garage/workshop. Still have open studs. I have pre-wired doors/windows,garage door sensor/opener etc. for security sys. I have all of this roughed in along w/phone, cctv,RG6 for sat.etc. in a "wiring" closet. This is located approx 75' away from my house and will be on separate utilities. I am considering installing an Ademco or Caddx sys in the workshop. My only "security" system in my house is a couple of cameras modulated to a tv channel. I would like to eventually hardwire my house (will obviously take some time) and install security/home automation devices. I plan to install a pvc conduit from the house to workshop. Should I install a large enough sys @ the workshop for the house also? Or maybe run everything to a "wiring closet" at the house? Bottom line is : do I need 2 security systems? can 1 be "master" and other "slaved"? It would be nice to monitor both @ house. Suggestions?
Welcome. Look at the ELK M1 Gold. You can partition the system for both the house and the workshop.
I would have one system. For the moment you could install it in the workshop and move it to the house later when you are ready. Since you will have the conduit in place you can do that fairly easily.

When you move the system to the house just put a zone expander in the workshop "can" and run the 4 wire bus, fire power, siren/bell wire etc. back to the house. Pull EXTRA wire for things you dont think of today but may want tomorrow.

There would probably be nothing wasted at all.

In my opinion its the most cost effective way to do it and you can set up the workshop as a different area then the house.
Sounds like I need to install the "main unit" in the "House" wiring closet. Then install a "zone expander" in the workshop wiring closet, and tie them together. I have installed inch and a half pvc between the 2 buildings, so that should not be a problem.
okhvac :)
I second the motion for you to at least consider the ELK. It has a lot more automation features then the Ademco or GE in my opinion. Also I would put the biggest "Can" you can fit because most people run out of room no matter how big you go.
I have a detached shop and also a tractor shed. Prior to some reconstruction I had a Caddx NX8E and partitioned (Elk calls them areas) it into 4 systems (one for gun cabinets).

I now have an Elk M1G and am quite pleased with it. If you never plan on any home automation I would seriously look into the Caddx NX8E, otherwise I would suggest the M1G. My wife found the NX8E easier to arm/disarm with multiple partitions than the Elk.

I currently have my Elk set up for only two partitions (work in progress) and I use two of the keypad programmable illuminated function keys to indicate armed status of areas 1 and 2. This works out pretty well for the wife.

If you will ultimately do security in the house, put your controller there with remote zone expanders in your shop - like others have suggested. Get at least a 36" can for security only or a 60" or better for security and home automation.
My ELK M1 in the house protects the barn too (150 ft away). Expansion boards in the barn in an ELK enclosure w/ door. Ran something like 6 Cat5 from house to barn, one of which is used for the ELK stuff. Works well.