HouseLinc and Insteon


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I installed several devices last night, and have a few questions.

My Controlinc and one of the dimmers are coming up with a ?? before there name, which I understand means that it is a valid device, but datebase isn't pulled up.

I have right clicked the item, to re-discer, but it won't link with the database, do I have bad products?


I am not familar with the HouseLinc software, but it sounds as if you may have some type of communications problem.

Here are some things to consider:

(1) For INSTEON to work well across the two legs (phases) of your house, please be sure that the RF SignalLinc thingys are installed and are able to communicate with each other, the LED 'blink' codes will tell you a lot.

(2) This sounds lame, but it is true, the more INSTEON devices that you have, the better your communications reliability will be. Each device is actually a repeater. The more the better. I had a 99.9% reliable INSTEON system set up months ago. The key was that I had a house full of devices and I had also installed a total to 4 (four) of the plug-in RF signal things.

(3) And last and least. If you have some type of device that either produces noise or dampens (filters) 'things' on your power line, INSTEON could fail.

Hey, good luck with what you are doing! This stuff is fun!