How can I tell EOL?


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I'm looking to replace my existing builder grade alarm panel with my new Elk M1 and have not done much at all with security in the past. How can I tell if / what value of EOL resitors exist in my current system? They're not at the panel from what I can tell. Multimeter? If so, what should I look for?
Get an "autoranging" digital multimeter. You can spend anywhere from 20's to 100's of dollars.

Take the wires going to a zone and with the zone "secure" set the multimeter to "ohms" value (setting looks like a horseshoe).

Plug the leads into the multimeter. YOu should see something like "OL" on the meter's display indicating an open circuit.

Touch the meter leads together and you should see a near zero reading.

Touch each meter lead to an end of a wire from a zone. Make sure your fingers are not touching any metal part of the leads or wire.

You should now be reading your EOL value.

Open the door/window (unsecure the zone) and you should see the value change to an open load.