How do I cool A/V/computer components in a cabinet


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I assume some of you are placing you home automation computer and or A/V components in a small enclosed cabinet or closet. How do you keep the air in the cabinet cool?
I drilled a hole in the floor, and added a heating grate cover. I then put a fan above it to draw cool air from the crawlspace.

I put a lo-sone bathroom fan in the ceiling, and vented to the attic. Dropped temps by about 5-8 degrees.
There are companies that make fan units (quiet ones) specifically for that purpose. I posted on it 3 months or so ago. someone else posted the name (maybe Steve or WayneW did).
We are putting built-in cabinets in a 2' deep niche in our wall which will have the tv on it. I'd hate to have to cut into the brand new cabinet top, especially if there is a granite top on it.

Any ideas?
What's behind it? Put fans at the top on the back wall and a grill or opening at the bottom and draw air through the cabinet that way. Put a removable/washable filter behind the inlet to keep dust down.

Talk with your cabinet maker - he may have some ideas.