How do I distribute DISH that is already switched?


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I have the Dish 1000/SuperDish. These have the buit-in switch. I have 2 wires the sat guy hooked up out of the 5 that were run to the can. Right now they are just directly connected to each receiver and not properly distributed. I tried using a 3x4 switch but gets messed up.
I have a On-Q passive distribution not being used, but it only has 1 input. Is that all I need? So confused. Was easier to figure out when the switches where not built-in.

You can not distribute satellite via a regular splitter, you must use a multiswitch. You can also cascade them if you need to. Have a look at the links posted in this thread, they may help.
it was a leviton multi-switch.

that link is great, but leaves me more confused. Think I will cal DN tomorrow and see if they will come and connect my new receiver and add a switch.