How do I put this RF transmitter in a box and wire it up?


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I want to put the 433 mhz transmitter shown below in a small plastic box. It's pretty small. The board is .75" x .75", and the leads extend out about 3/16". There are lots of small project boxes on Amazon, What I haven't found is a connector I can use to attach wires to the leads. I will need a 12Vdc connection (+/-), an antenna connection, and to begin with, a connection to one of the signal pins (e.g., K1 on the diagram), which will connect to a dry contact relay. I would rather not solder wires to the leads. Is there a connector that fits this type of board?

I've bench tested what I want to do, and it works. A z-wave relay with dry contacts will be used to simulate a botton press, which will send a RF signal to a 433 mhz wireless receiver that will open/close its dry contacts.


Mini RF transmitter.jpg
Is there a connector that fits this type of board?

I use a kit (wires, terminations, et al) here that is sold on Amazon where you can customize your connectors.
PM me with your address.

A while ago purchased cables in bulk (different colors) to build my GPS / NTP devices. (GPS RX/TX and power ==> TTL RS232 gizmos)
Made some 6 of these GPS / TTL / RS232 devices but did not put them in boxes. They are just hanging off the PFSense boxes RS-232 ports.
The only issue I had was relating to GPS clones being sold on Amazon.

Tiny ESP01 connects to my OmniPro 2 panel which connects to the 433Mhz hub which also connects to the PIR. The 433Mhz hub gets the triggers from the PIR which sends the triggers to the ESP01 connected to a hardwired zone on the OmniPro 2 panel. Just another way to wirelessly trigger a zone on my alarm panel (IE: have the HAI transievers here too).

I wanted longer cables so purchased a set in bulk.

Also have a little plastic box with a variety of molex blanks to customize the end to a 7 pins connector. The connectors are break off of various sizes and very easy to customize. I will make the power wires red and black and then use different colors for the other 5 pins.

You cannot purchase just one so I purchased bulk of everything for my little projects. I will post the build of these connectors here on the forum before shipping them to you.
Looks like 0.1" spacing 0.025" square pins. They are very common and have been for many years - more recently smaller and mm spacings are on some stuff. You can solder them to a perf board or use a connector. Same style are used for Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Should be able to find sockets that will work from lots of sources. Here are a couple:

Samtec makes a zillion variations of these type connectors and Digikey handles them too. Here's just one series. I like to keep a few strips of 50 so I can just cut off however many contacts I need.
Turns out I have a few of those cables in a kit I bought about ten years ago. It is 0.1 spacing, and the cables fit fine.

My original plan was to stay away from anything requiring soldering, but now I think I will put the receiver on a solderable mini breadboard and add some terminal blocks for power, antenna, and signal wiring.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.