how do i start this bisness

You need to provide more information about what your goals are.

Read, Read, Read... Check out my thread in this forum about getting started.

Starting a business is the easy part. The hard part is finding the money to start up, Getting the proper licenses and insurance, dealing with taxes, and doing the work. Finding the work usually does not seem to be a problem. "If you build it they will come".

You really need to do your research tho and learn how to run a business. I was in the same situation about a year ago and I am still learning from my mistakes. You need to develope a business plan. We can not answer your question about which products you should sell and things of that nature. Only you can answer that. The way I have gone about it is by installing many different products in my own home and over the course of 3 years of DIYing I have learned which products I like to use and install.
If I am to judge solely from your original post, I would suggest that you do not yet have the technical knowledge or business acumen to be successful in this type business, or to even begin it.

My suggestion is that you appear to be at the point of needing to start with education in both the home automation field and in the business world. Without those two things under control, you would be quickly on the road to failure.

When you're ready, you'll not only know the answers to the questions you posed, but you'll know the answers to a number of others you haven't asked.

From looking at koko's 3 other posts, he is from Israel and he already has a security product and is looking to add automation.

I assume English may not be koko's first language which may be why the posts have been short and non descriptive.

I know darn well, my posts in any other language than English would be pretty darn short towards zero.

So with that said,

Mike's "Drink deep from the waters of Koko." is the best first start.

Koko: What kind of security product do you have today? Is it a hardware based solution that your company has developed and sells? Or do you install other company's products? Let's start there.
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(Mike & JohnnyMac)

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I think everyone has done that - searched, found a cool thread, forgot it was old, and posted. :)

If you haven't done it, you haven't searched enough.
Didn't realize this was 3 years old :)

By now Koko is rich and famous with his HA business tied to his security company.