How Hot Is it


Ah, little warm in Las Vegas today! Please, no comments that it's a "dry" heat.

It feels like someone is trying to rip your face off when you go outside! Thank goodness we have "some" wind keeping it "cool"!


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Wind keeping it "COOL"?!?!??! I Lived in Phoenix for 1 year. After the first summer there, I knew I was moving out as soon as possible! The wind you mention, is more like a hair dryer set to HIGH heat when the wind blows!

Please, no comments that it's a "dry" heat

Hahhahah I swear I was gonna shoot the next person that told that to me in Phoenix :D

I have a GREAT Joke pertaining to this .... somewhere..... I will have to find it.
you have to pick your battles here, either you celebrate the little snow we have here, or you stay in that place named Las Oven and enjoy the mild summers :D
Wow - and I thought FL was bad. Did notice this on the weather the other day though, and thought it must be a misktake.

Ok, I'll leave out the dry comment (it is anything but here), but at least there are no hurricanes to destroy your neighborhood like mine was lat year. I had two insurance companies laugh at me when I tried to get homeowners insurance a couple of weeks ago.

Now everytime there is a tropical depression the clincal depression rate soars here.

I just returned from Vegas on Tuesday, and it was 104-109 while we were there.. I can honestly state that I would gladly take 109 there than 86 in Upstate NY. The humidity sucks here, and I didn't sweat a drop while I was walking the strip in Vegas.

Of course, I wouldn't want to be so dependant on "life support" to keep me cool.. I'd hate to experience an extended power outage in Vegas in the dead of summer.
it was 112 in Yuma, AZ when I went about 2 months ago. I could deal with the heat because it was dry but if it had been wet I would have died. Not saying that its not bad because its dry but it could be worse. The thing that drove me nuts about Yuma was there was NO grass and only a few Palm Trees. I thought I was in an exotic rain forest by time I got back home to Maryland.

I like the East but wish I was just a state or two south.
When you get in our car/truck after its been parked for a while you learn not to touch any metal as it will burn your arm/leg. You can place those window covers on the windshield, but they aren't much help.

Lord help you if you have to work on your car outside. You leave a glass of water beside your tools because you have to soak them before you can hold them in your hands.

Anything made of (cheap) plastic will be toast after a few short weeks. The UV rays will render them brittle and they will crumble and break.
Rupp said:
What was the heat index and that day?  That's the true measure or how hot it feels.
I use a pretty simple heat index. If its to hot to hold metal in your hands for more than a quarter of a second, then its way to hot to be outside.

If my face feels like it is on fire and the wind feels like I'm standing in front of my air conditioner's exhaust fan, then its way to hot to be outside.

If I get in my truck and wished I had an old pair of oven mitts with me, then its way to hot to be outside.

Sometimes the simple indicators are the best! ;)
Love it, BSR! I'm in South Florida and though temps don't get much above 95 in the summer here, the humidity is sweltering. You walk out of the air-conditioned house and it's like smacking into a wall. The air is so heavy it slows your breathing. We have the same tools and outside car work rules here, too. I use a garden hose, after I've let all the hot sun-heated water out of it, of course.

The worst part for me is that I sweat profusely from my head when I even think about work, and then the sweat gets into my eyes and drips down my face, making it extremely uncomfortable to do even the most simple chore. I now take a terrycloth washcloth and tie it around my head like a bandana - it helps, but I still have to carry another in my pocket to wipe my face from time to time. I think I would welcome a dry heat a little better because of this, but I'd prefer less heat to begin with!

Ah, well, in a few months I'll be complaining about the cold in Maine. It's all relative! ;-)
When my wife and I went to an off-strip casino in Vegas a few days ago, we left half of a bottled water in the car. When we got outside, the water could have been used for a good cup of coffee.

We couldn't get over that...