How I spent my penguin killing reward


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I have a funny habit of staying up way too late at night then proceed to go shopping on the internet. The problem isn't so much that I spend a ton of money on junk I don't need but I start planning big projects and forget what I'm doing with the stuff after it's arrived at my door.

Sure enough, after getting the gift certificate from Martin (Thanks Martin!) I stayed up way too late and went shopping. This time though I managed to remember what I'm going to do.

I've decided that my garage door needs to be automated for a couple different reasons. One is that for my work I store parts in my garage and there are times when I'm away from home and other Service Engineers need stuff I have. Sure I could just get another remote, but where's the fun in that?

Ok, so that's the only *good* reason. The other is just that it'd be pretty sweet to be able to have my garage door close automatically incase I forget and leave it open.

So here's my plan.

I ordered two Universal Modules which I'll tie in with my garage door opener button, like so, but with 2 in series for a little added security/reliability.

I will also be purchasing one garage door sensor and one Power Flash Security Module to test whether the door is closed or not.

I got all my ideas and info from this thread on the homeseer boards.

I realize using X10 may not be the safest way of going about this but I'm confident that using 2 universal modules gives enough security from neighbors who might have X10 of their own.

So who's got some inside information on what I'm missing in my plan or recommendations to make it a more secure/reliable setup?
I'm doing something similar. Unfortunately, I will only be monitoring the status of two garage doors. I was nearly robbed last spring after leaving my garage door open all night (I think this happens to lots of people when the weather warms up). Luckly, my neighbor goes out for his paper at 5a.m. on Saturday mornings and scared them off for me. Two were just entering my garage and a third was in the "getaway" truck. My wife had also left her purse and keys in the unlocked car in the open garage:)

Anyway, my two doors each have contacts at each end of the track to tell the door when it has opened or closed. I plan to use one powerflash security module to send an X10 signal to a wall outlet receptacle (don't know the difference between the first two, but I got the X10 Pro one). A contact switch from either door should send the signal for a light to flash in the bedroom if a try to go to sleep with either door open.

The only problem (I think) is that the powerflash needs contact closure, which happens for an open door when the door reaches the top of the track. A partially open door wouldn't show as open. Does anyone know an inexpensive way to invert the logic from the "door is closed" contact so I will get contact closure when door is not "door is closed". I also want to make sure I don't damage the dry contacts on the garage door opener that I will be tapping off of.

BTW, this is the first "smart" thing I am doing to the house. I haven't used X10, but I've confirmed that the devices will be on the same phase. Not to worried about the possibilities of false signals as I'm not controlling the doors (yet). I hope to use a Zigbee solution in the future.
If I am not mistaken I believe that if you use a DS10 module with the W800 RF receiver (which is a great addition to any system) you can get an open or closed status from your garage switch. Maybe someone can second this.

Yes, John. I use one on my garage door right now. It has saved my butt a few times by letting me know that I left it open.

Also my older son called me today when he got home from school to tell me he was locked out of the house. Well I said that I would see him when I got home and would let him in. After about 30 minutes I called him back. Asked him to stand in front of the garage door and concentrate real hard. I then logged into my HS site and opened the door. For a second he actually thought that he willed it open, until he heard me laughing and remembered that I could open it from anywhere.

So it has been of benifit to him, now he will call me whenever he can't get into the house.

Next weekend I will post what I did with my Penguin smashing GC's, thanks Martin.