How many coax cable are required for hdtv?


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I see some wiring diagrams with 2 coax runs to a satellite receive. Are 2 needed to watch one channel, or might these be used for 2 tuners on a pvr satellite receiver to watch one channel while recording another?

I have 3 cat5 and 3 coax going to my home theather and am wondering if I can get away with using one of the coax's for line-out to an amp from a home automation pc for voice announcements, one for hdtv in and one for tv/monitor out? So if I need 2 for the hdtv I might need another one for the line-out.
At least as far as Directv goes, the two coax runs are for the dual tuners in their DVRs. You do not HAVE to use both, but if you only connect one coax you will only have one tuner available. That may or may not be a big deal as far as your situation is....

I *think* that Dish is the same way. I have only had one cable company DVR and it only had one tuner and used one cable.

I don't know what the latest technology is but I did see that a DPP Twin can carry 2 satelitte feeds over one wire and then you split them back apart before the receiver.

I'm not sure if that supports HDTV though?
I have 2 dish network DVR's and they will not even boot up if they do not have both satellite inputs connected.

Brilliant thinking on the design phase... Ugggghhh..

Just my experience, that all....