How much current do smart switches draw?


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A dumb switch consumes 0 current while sitting there... how much do our smart switches draw? On my SA switch datasheets I don't see anything that talks about current draw.

Does anyone know the draw for any of the common technologies? UPB, X10, ZWave, Insteon etc?

Wouldn't that be ironic if it was more efficient to forget to turn the lights out at night than it was to install smart switches everywhere for you to do it for you ;)
Using my handy dandy Brand wattmeter, an intermatic appliance module shows a current w/o load of .090A(90mw). The Intermatic dimmer module shows about .060A(60mw).

Howzat ;)
Simply Automated UPB switches I've tested use about a watt. At $0.07/KWH, by my calculations, it will take 89 years before the electricity the switch uses exceeds the original price of the switch. So, if you can afford the price of the switch, I don't think the electricity it uses shouldn't be a problem.
Isnt the real question how many times would you have to forget to turn the lights off to get a return on your investment (ROI) of buying an automated switch?

The cost of a switch is about $35 (low end Insteon) to I guess $100. How many years will it take to save the average of about $67? Add in controllers and other necessary devices and is it really a decent ROI?

Of course the fun of it all is "Priceless". :D