How much power?


I'm building a new house. I've designed a technology closet (head-end) right behind my entertainment center. All my low voltage system will head-end in this room. I'll be doing Home Automation, Distributed Audio, Home Netorking, Home Theater, etc.

Any ideas on how much electric power I should have the electricians wire into the room?

... all of it ;)

I would suggest at least a dedicated 30 amp circuit, but 2 would be better. If you are doing x-10 then I suggest that you have a dedicated line just for your x-10 transmitter/receiver that goes direct to the panel, with noting else on that line, this will help in noise and signal strength. If cost is not an issue then there are a lot of other options. I.E. Lightolier firewalls
Don't forget your low voltage source. I just picked up (2) Elk PD-9's from automated outlet that give me 18 regulated 12VDC power supplies. Great units to power all your PIR's, smokes, etc.
Don't forget to physically keep low voltage seperate (Cat5 / RG6 / Audio / Video sources) from high voltage for noise and RF interference.
You're going to hate me for this, but 3 (or more) would be best.

1. Dedicated for X10 only (15 amp). Only put your master transmitter/receiver here. If you want, you can hook all your wall-warts on this circuit also, but they would be better on another circuit.

2. Audio/video/etc (20-30 amps). If the entertainment center in the next room could be on another circuit, all the better.

3. All computers (20-30 amps). Isolating this branch is critical, as you probably will have at least one UPS (or possibly more), and UPS are known for being signal suckers. B-A-A-D for X10.

The comment about the ELK is a good one. Wall-wart control is also a PITA, as they will chew up a gazillion receptacles. Either get a few plug-in Wiremold power strips (~3 ft. with 8 receptacles), or a couple of the permanentlyl mounted Wiremold strips (1 receptacle/ft.)

And before you ask, yes, I practice what I preach. :)

1) X10 and burglar alarm (15 amp)
2) Whole house A/V and misc other automation stuff (20 amp)
3) 3 KVA UPS (30 amp)
4) 3 KVA UPS (20 amp @ 240v)
5) Lights (including the rest of the basement lighting)