How To Block Stray X-10 Signals?


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I am having a problem with stray X-10 signals from outside my house. I often get a long series of B9, B Bright, signals with 20 to 50 transmissions in the string. I also sometimes get long stings of A10, A ON, A10, A OFF, signals as well. These go on long enough to trash any legitimate signal I might be trying to send at that time. I can't use a traditional X-10 blocker because the neutral wire from the meter to my breaker panel is too thick. I can't really replace the wire because it is a long run from the garage where the meter is to the main breaker panel in the basement. It would just cost too much to replace that run! I also think the long run is the reason such a heavy gauge was used and I probably should not downsize it anyway.

Anybody know another way I can attack this problem?

Interesting problem, any way to tell if the source is RF or powerline?

You probably already know this, but, when the batteries in X10 motion detectors get weak the detector can send out some really strange signals, they usually revert to housecode 'A'. That string of 'A xx' commands looks like what I had the last time one of my detector batteries died. I still use a few of those just because they are inexpensive. The batteries (alkaline) seem to last well over a year.