How to calculate bandwidth usage


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I m newbie here.Could anyone here share with me how to calculate bandwidth utilization using Mpeg2,Mpeg4,H263 and H264 compression per camera with D1 resolution at real time?I have no idea how certain compression format can save how much utilization of the bandwidth.If u know useful website to do calculation and about compression, please let me know. thank you for your time
I'm sorry to say it's not that easy. ;)

Although there are standards for each of those formats it's not cut and dried like that. You have them in the generally accepted order from greatest to least filesize and bandwidth consumption.

When encoding or transcoding to any of those formats you have options that greatly effect your end result in filesize bandwidth and the ease of transmission.

Also there are inherent weaknesses in those formats that can cause major problems in certain situations.

MPEG4 in a nightclub with a strobe light, M-JPEG will dominate it in every way.

MPEG4 in an office building back hall with 24/7 lighting will kill M-JPEG in bandwidth and filesize.

What is it you are concerned about or tring to do?

EDIT: If all you can about is bandwidth consumption H.264 is for you. If quality is a primary concern you probably can't use the same compression on every camera.