How to distribute DVD player w/ Digital Cable ?


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I want to distribute my DVD player (located w/ main TV) to other TVs in the house, I was looking at a modulator, but this would only be a relativly short term solution.(plus or minus 2009, when all digtal TV is due).

any ideas how to do this and maintain compatibility w/ digital in the future . . .


Pete C
Why? You can get progressive DVD players for <$100 at Walmart.

Now ripping or DVD mega-changer; that's another story.
Why? You can get progressive DVD players for <$100 at Walmart.

. . . so when I have to get up from the movie in the HT to tend to the dinner I can still watch in the kitchen . . . or any TV in the house . . . and maybe pipe the audio to the speakers in the bathroom (this would be nice for game/race day too) . . .

Pete C
Well, is really depends on infrastructure, or wiring, you have in place. One way to distribute video is through a matrix switcher and 3 coax (solid copper center). This allows for HD signals if/when you need them in the future. It's a bit pricy, and unless you have new construction or have you walls open, few homes are wired for this. As you mentioned, a modulator is a simple and inexpensive option, but you are limited to composite quality. HD switches come in varies sizes and flavors, depending on home many zones you want and whether it's manual or remote controled. Hope this helps.

Jamie is right -- your options all depend upon what infrastructure you have in place. If you have Cat5 in plance, you can distribute via Cat5 by using baluns at either end (active ones work best) and a distribution amp or switcher at the head end.