How to fold a Tshirt

Okay I just did a Costanza.
I closed my office door, cleared a small space on my desk, took my shirt off and did the folding trick. As usual as I had my shirt off there was a knock on my door and I hurriedly put my shirt on backwards.
The sad thing is I'm telling the truth.
You guys have way, way, to much time on your hands, Oh, wait a minute, by replying to this thread I must have to much time also, ... Never Mind!

theAberdeenKid: First the motion sensor mistake post and now this! Dude, you are WAY to honest! ;)
I find if I admit my blunders publicly I make fewer mistakes in life. Yes sometimes they are embarrassingly simple mistakes as with the motion sensors, somtimes a lapse in concentration and sometimes just a plane old screw up but a man is as only as good as his word.
Although dying to take my shirt off at work at try it, I resisted temptation and waited until I got home. I have to say it was worth the wait since it works! Of course I'm easily amused.

Now I can't show the wife as I'll be forced to fold all the laundry.
theAberdeenKid, I had one heck of a visual there, I am still lmao! I read out loud what you typed to my wife and she is laughing too. I finally sat down, will have to try this after dinner, this could make a great how-to ;)
OK, so I finally tried this and it works pretty well. I couldn't do it at work since my cubicle doesn't have a door.

I think it needs an extra fold-in-half at the end in order to seal the sleeve inside. The loose sleeve on the bottom makes it too easy to mess up if you don't pick it up correctly after it's folded.
it's's like Magic! ...are you a good witch or a bad witch...?

That's actually pretty sweet. Being a single guy I get to fold everything, and that just makes it look too easy. Good find.