How to get voice to announce new email

Using HomeSeer I have been starting to look into writing simple scripts and I am not doing well. First, what is the best way to have voice announce that a new email has been received? I can't even get it to work in an event. Eventually my goal is to have new email, weather and maybe other stuff announced when I come home and again when my wife gets home. (I always get home first so she doesn't see the the HA stuff that was delivered that day). I know this is basic but I have my own system to get going and others asking for my help with theirs So far the light bulb is still dimmed to 50% as far as HomeSeer is concerned in my mind.. :)

Are you using MAPI or pop3 (homeseer mail options)? If you use MAPI, make sure you keep the email client running. In order to announce something , you would use the hs.speak command i.e. hs.speak "this is a test".
Run this by your HS setup:

sub main()
dim index
dim subject

index = hs.MailTrigger

subject = hs.MailSubject(index)

from = hs.MailFrom(index)

system.speak "You have mail, from, " & from & ". The subject is," & subject

end sub