How to install Intermatic USB stick


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EDIT: Hi, my name is IVB and I'm a bonehead who posts without thinking, then upon hitting the post new topic button realizes what I should have done.

This is probably why I have so many posts to my name...
The thing that you don't show there is then you need to go to the device manager and find out what com port it ended up on, so that you can tell your automation system where to find it.

I assume the Vivek is asking because I just posed a 2.0.15 beta with an updated Z-Wave driver that supports the USB stick controller now. It actually has some substantial internal improvements, but we needed to get a release out for another reason so this one doesn't provide all of the benefits that will show up in the driver by the 2.1 release. But it's still much improved even with the limited exposure of the new stuff.
BTW, I've noticed that all of these USB to serial drivers used by the Z-Wave controllers (all of which are based on the FTDI chips I guess), have their problems. If you do the wrong thing, they can lock up and never return despite the fact that the serial I/O call was made with a timeout. I don't know if that's the FTDI driver itself, or the controller that's not returning. But I've locked them up fairly often during development. The only way out is to unplug it and plug it back in. And I verified in the debugger that it was stuck in a serial port call that should not have blocked because a timeout was provided.

The virtual COM port is just a convenience for technical users who'd like to do "out of the box" things with the HA22 USB stick. Both ThinkEssentials and the Z-Wave PC SDK auto-discover the USB stick.

Dean Roddey said:
I assume the Vivek is asking because I just posted a 2.0.15 beta with an updated Z-Wave driver that supports the USB stick controller now.
You did? I've been waiting all day for that! Where is it?

And yes, that's why I finally got off my a$$ and set this up.
got it, downloaded it, works better than perfect. I mentioned this over on the CQC forums, but to echo it here. (BTW, the intermatic stuff works like a champ - now all we need is, ahem, Intermatic ROCKER SWITCHES!!!)

IVB said:
jesus is the IV fast.  Looks like you sent straight past silly stupid fast, and are now approaching dangerously fast.

I pulled up one of my screens that has 30 dynamic widgets on it, and it's lightning. The CD screen with cover art takes a split second to pull up, my god it must be nearly 0.3 seconds (faster than 0.5 sec def).

Keep in mind that my server is a puny AMD2500/512MB server that's also my SageTV server and we're currently recording something.