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On of the things that cought my eye when i first started researching Home Automation was Wall Mounted Touch Screens. Now that i have 12 z-wave devices installed and i Bought into the world of HomeSeer i want to install a Flush mounted touch screen next to my front door so that as i leave and enter the house i will be able to check the status of my lights... Get my phone calls... Check the weather... and what ever else my money can buy me.

Here is the thing. Since i am new i have no clue howto choose or install a touchscreen to interact with homeseer. I want a Cheap Simple solution on a budget of about $800 to $1500 dollars. The less i spend the happier i am but i dont want to sacrafice functionality for money. In other words i really just want it to have a nice colorful interface and be able to interact with homeseer to turn on and off my z-wave devices along with other option such as get my e-mail at the front door and have it talk to me.

On the homeseer website someone recomended i get the CF-01. I have not been able to find any information on this device. The closest thing i found was a laptop with the name CF-01. I am open for many options. I would prefer to stay wireless but i can run wires if need be. There is a power source already at the location i want to mount the Touchscreen but not data source so i was thinking maybe my wireless 802.11b router would help me.

Can someone do a good write up in the howto section about this.

Topics: (Pictures would be great)
How to choose which touchscreen is good for you!
How to install the hardware!
How to setup the software!

And any other good readings you guys may have for me please stick them in this thread.
The CF-01 isn't exactly a laptop, but it is a full-blown computer the size of a small hardcover book. It's not just a touchscreen. Most people use them to interact with HS through web pages but there are numerous other interfaces available. Typically, they run Windows 95 or 98.

There are a number of these touchscreens that show up from time to time. Most of them are used since only the older machines are "affordable." Other examples include Fujitsu 1200s and 510s. All of this stuffed has been discussed in the "Touch Screens" section of the HomeSeer board (not the TouchPad section).

Although they don't readily build-into walls, I would seriously consider picking up an Audrey. You can find lots of information about them on boards. If you are willing to interact with HS through web pages, I think they work very well. The browser can't handle a lot of fancy stuff, but for straight HTML they are pretty good (no full-motion video, newer flash, etc.).

They are definitely something to play around with and are a lot cheaper than $800. Almost all of my interaction with HS is through Audreys that I have strewn about my apartment (control of lights, etc.; checking the weather; checking status of doors and windows; phone call log).

Like I said, they don't readily build into walls (though people have talked about it and some may have done so) but there are examples of wall-mount brackets that people have made (and may be selling). Also, you have to go through a few hoops to use wireless networking - there aren't any wireless adapters that work natively with Audreys. You'd end up with Audrey -> USB ethernet adapter -> wireless bridge (or similar). All of my Audreys are wired.
I second the Audrey route, it's a very cheap approach, and they have a huge WAF, my wife would 'terminate' me if I would remove it from the kitchen :)
I looked into the audrey and it doesn seem to be what i want. I was hoping for something that looked a little more like the omni touchscreen.

Its fairly small and would mount nicely beside my door above my light switches. Are there any products like the CF-01 that are not so hard to find. Im willing to go with a little newer model and pay the extra money as long as i cant get the look and features that i have in mind.

The audrey might be nice for a later project but right now i really want something mounted next to my door. This way i can never misplace it and i dont have to run all over the house looking for it like my z-wave remote when i first come home.

What are systems like the CF-01 called. How would i do a google search to find products like it. Do you guys have any links i could look at.
Smee, (or anyone else with input)

I have been looking at the Audrey's at

They have new Audreys running 333 Mhz with built in WiFi for $380.00.

As an Audrey user, have you had any experience with these folks?

I keep going back to their site and looking at this, or do you have a recomendation of another source for Audreys?

The application I have in mind, really needs to use WiFi.

For Squintz, does anyone know how well the Leopard II interfaces with HomeSeer? It is just a mono screen.
you could make any network device wireless by using one of those linksys wireless bridges, I have heard of these people before, but I got mine from tigerdirect for $99 (stock unit tho)
I've also heard of audreyupgrade but haven't had any dealings with them. My Audreys came from the original ubid lots or tigerdirect. None have been modified for speed. One has been painted, however.
I ordered the WiFi enabled Audrey.

When it comes in, I'll probaly be posting for help in setting it up to interface with Homeseer.