How to send messages to Blackberry 8800


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Is there a easy free way of sending email or SMS message to my phone. I have the Ethernet expander and I tried setting up a gmail email address only to find out it will not work. Any help would be great.

At some point when I get a IP server for my front door cam I would like to send a link via email or text to my phone when someone presses the doorbell button. I would think that would not be hard. :)
Most of the time your ISP will provide you with a free outgoing (SMTP) mail server. You will want to setup the email account to use that server.

For instance, a lot of people around here use charter, so they can point their outgoing mail at

Some ISP's use and some use (even though pop is the incoming server, they frequently pup incoming and outgoing on the same server).

So, contact your ISP and ask them what the outgoing mail server is.

- jason