How To Test an Installed Elk M1G System with Interior Motion Detectors?


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My Elk M1G installation is nearly complete; sensor wiring is completed and wrung out. The system arms and disarms correctly. Outputs 1 and 2 working correctly. The system includes three Blue Line Gen2 TriTech Motion Detectors which light up the blue LED whenever a person walks into the detector coverage area. I haven't seen the detector LED go on when our three pets are walking around, jumping onto chairs, etc, but I'm concerned about them causing false alarms. The Bosch Blue Line are supposed to be very pet-immune, but I want to test this out rather than listening to marketing hype.
I'd like to run the system for several days to test for pet-caused false Motion Detector alarms before placing the system into real service.
Is there a way to prevent Output 1 and Output 2 speakers from sounding during such a test period? In other words, can O1 and O2 be temporarily turned off in the configuration?
Or should I simply disconnect O1 and O2 (and replace O2 with a 2200 Ohm resistor to avoid "Output 2 Trouble" on the keypad)?
Does the unit log capture all sensor trip events while armed?
Based on what you stated about the lack of frequency of detecting pets, I would just setup the zone as a non-alarm, and have email sent on a trip via a rule.  That way you have a record.
You should also be able to set a counter as well.
If the motions overlap, or are close to each other, you can also use groups (having a blank on what Elk calls them right now...) where more than 1 motion has to be tripped within a specific period of time.
Cross zoning is going to introduce other issues.
The best way would be to drive the zones as a "non alarm" and do something via rules or change them to an aux type so the system logs and if you're monitoring, sends a report that can also be queried (or add a rule and email to the equation)
The down and dirty way is to unplug the header for the siren/speaker and live with the trouble until you're satisfied and then plug it back. Programming and response would be accurate otherwise.
I've got the same Bosch motions in our kitchen and fam room, where our 19 lb cavalier spaniel has free reign when we're out. She hasn't set it off yet.