How to trigger Elk M1 rules using UPB switch ...


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I currently have a SAI US2-40 switch installed, with the 1rocker+4buttons faceplate. What do I have to do in order to be able to trigger rules in the Elk M1 using those smaller buttons? Thanks!
I'm not familiar with the Elk - but with my HomeVision Pro - you create Links for those other buttons - and then have the HVPro monitor those Links.
Hmm, that's what I did, but no luck. UPstart shows the Link activation when I push one of those buttons, so I guess the problem is with the Elk.
I don't think it is a mistake. I think its just not the way links work in the M1. Apparently the M1 can ACTIVATE or DEACTIVATE a link based on other factors, but it can not RESPOND to a link activation. Here is a quote from the Elk forum:
Posted by dlamb on 08/02/2005 02:37

Yes, the UPB link command will be included in the next M1XSP firmware.
It will have the capacity of 64 links (001 to 064) and they are mapped to the ELK-M1 lighting devices starting at light number 193 (House code 'M',Unit code '1'). Links end at light number 255 (House code 'P',Unit code '16').
If you what to activate link 001 (turn on all UPB devices that are programmed to be controlled by link 001, to their preset level), your rule would include "turn lighting device 193(M1) ON". If you what to deactivate link 001, your rule would include "turn lighting device 193(M1) OFF".

It does work as described, but will not RESPOND to a link.

Maybe this is something we can squeak to David about to get implemented. It would be handy for the M1 to recognize the link in WHENEVER and have the ability to issue commands when recognized.
Assuming the above senario, couldn't you put a rule in that says "IF lighting device 193(M1) ON" then XXX? Why wouldn't that work?

I'll have to do some testing....
That's what I did, but the rule wouldn't trigger. It looks like the M1 can only activate/deactivate the link, not respond to Link state changes.
hopefully this will work:

SOS: Looking for the ELK UPB Guru, Don.

I know in Insteon, you have to learn the switch into the M1 Insteon Interface.

Somehow it WILL work!!!

Geez, ask questions I know the answer to!!

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