[How-To] Using mIRC to connect to an irc server


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Using mIRC to connect to an irc server
by electron

1. Download the latest version of mIRC from http://www.mirc.com/get.html.

2. Execute the setup program you just downloaded (usually named mIRCxxx.exe, xxx being the version).

3. Accept the license agreement by clicking Yes.

4. Accept the default options and click Install, the setup program will now copy all the files to the destination directory.

5. Select Launch mIRC and click the Finish button. If you don't select this option, you will have to start the program yourself manually through the start menu in order to continue to the next step.

6. mIRC should now be running and you should get the About dialog. Click Continue.

7. The server setup window should now appear as shown in the screenshot below. Enter your:
  • Full Name - can be anything.
  • Email Address - I suggest you not provide a real address here, as this address is never used anyways.
  • Nickname - this will be your screenname.
  • Alternative - provide an alternative nick in case the primary one is in use.

8. Hit the little flower button
, and click

9. Enter the following information:
  • Description: irc.marstracker.com (can be anything)
  • IRC Server: irc.marstracker.com
  • Port: 6667

10. Click
again to return to the server setup screen.

11. This step (and the following) is optional, but will allow you to automatically join the chat room once you are connected to the server. Select Connect > Options as shown in the first screenshot below, check the Connect On Startup and Reconnect On Disconnection checkbox. Click
. You should be in the perform window now, as shown in the second screenshot below.

12. Check the Enable Perform On Connect checkbox, select the Marstracker network, and enter join #cocoon in the Perform commands: box. Click Ok once you are finished.

13. Go back to the Connect > Servers screen and click
. mIRC should now attempt to connect to the irc server you just configured as shown in the screenshots below.

14. Once connected to the chat server, the mIRC Favorites window will pop up. I suggest you uncheck the Pop Up Favorites On Connect checkbox as this can get pretty annoying. You will also be automatically joining the #automation room (configured in the perform section) as shown in the screenshots below.
What are some of the IRC commands that can be used?

Change Nick
Register Nick
Clear Screen
Search for other chat rooms.

I know all this can be found in the mirc help menu or on google but i thought i would be nice to provide some of the more useful ones right here with the how-to
To change your nickname use:


To clear the screen:


To see a list of NON HIDDEN chat rooms:


with mirc just 2x click on the name of the channel or do a

/join #mychannel

I forget how to register nicks. I typically never do. I know cocoontech's irc server doesn't require it.
Some other nifty featuers are:

/msg NickName Hi, this is a private message

This will send a private message to only the recipient.

In Mirc this can also be done by 2x clicking the user's name.
A new window will open and all messages in that window will be sent privately to only that user.

To ignore some one as they are being a clown:

/ignore MEENIE

/ignore OFF removes the ignore.

To do an action command:

/me hits electron in the head with a large trout

This will perform an action, versus chatting the above line will return

* Spam hits electron in the head with a large stick

/me is not a variable. Its not /spam or /yournick it is /me

I use mirc and almost all IRC clients support this in some fashion. I like TimeStamps. If you right click on a channel window box, the one that says #homeseer, you can turn timestamping on. This stamps each message with a local pc timestamp. Makes it nice to see the last time someone was yakking.