[How-To Videos] Getting started with CQC


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Dean Roddey has taken the time to create some very informative video tutorials for getting started with CQC. I know many people that are on this forum do not frequent the CQC forums. So I am posting these videos here mostly for an entertainment purpose. I know I like to watch just about any video related to home automation so I think you will enjoy these videos also.

This first video is all about unzipping CQC and running the installer for the first time.
Step 1 - Installation
This video will teach you how to install a driver. No actual devices are needed to follow along because the video also shows you how to use the Device Simulator
Step 2 - Loading Drivers

These videos are where things start to get interesting. Dean walks you through setting up your media managment system and in the second video teaches you how to quickly build interactive interfaces. If you are watching for the entertainment factor the second media video is probably the best one to view.
Media Management - Part 1
Media Management - Part 2

There will probably be more videos in the near future. Keep an eye on THIS THREAD over at the CQC forums and feel free to post a message over there telling Dean where he could improve and what you liked about the videos.
There will definitely be more of them. I'm just getting started so those are the only ones done so far. When I update the web site for the 2.0 release (and keep in mind that these are orieinted towards the 2.0 version), I'll start a new video tutorial section the web site that organizes the videos into a coherent sequence.