How to wire Elk M1 for Voice Announcements


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I can't seem to find out how the Elk M1 voice announcements work.

Is the audio line out?
Is the audio speaker wire out?

Do the announcements broadcast on the keypads, external speakers, phone, etc?

If it is speaker wire out then how many watts is the speaker wire output and how do you control the volume?


Voice goes out of Output 1. Refer to the Elk Installation Manual. It is speaker level output. You can however convert it to an audio line level output by following these instructions.

Announcements/Voice only go out of Output 1. You can send text or beeps to keypads, but not voice. There are voice prompts when you access the M1 via phone.

The speaker output is 8 ohm and designed for 20 watt min speaker (up to 4). The volume is controlled in the Globals either in RP (the programming software) or via Menu 7 on the keypad. This is all described in the manual referenced above.