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How to write rule for Honeywell smokes


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I have the Honeywell wireless 5808 smoke detectors and ELK M1G. They are enrolled and monitored by central station.  But now I need advise on how to write rules or programs to get the system working properly.
When a smoke detector goes off, only the individual smoke detector goes off.  Is there a way to write a rule or a program to have all the smoke detectors go off through out the house?  
Also, when the smoke detector is activated, the keypad beeps but the fire announcement does not go off until I put in the disarm code.  Can I have the "Fire Evacuate" command speak continuously until the disarm code is put in the keypad?
And the same for the CO detectors?
Thank you


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How is the zone defined?
I looked at my Honeywell Fire detectors and they are
Definition "10 = Fire Alarm"
Type = "Fire/4-Wire Smoke RF".
I have not tested them but my 2-way elk fire detectors are installed the same and I did test them successfully. It has been years since i installed the Honeywell so I don't remember the procedure now. You have me thinking about testing mine. Maybe point a warm heat gun at them. How do you test yours?


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Thank you.  The smoke detectors are enrolled correctly, I was trying to get a alarm when the smoke detector went off.  
This is what I did to get the result I needed:
Set the Cutoff Timer value to 65000 and Disable your rule for now. When the system goes into alarm the keypads should be beeping and Output 1 should be producing a Temporal Three pattern along with the default Fire Message
Now when a detector is tested (or activated) the speaker has a tone and states Fire.  I set the volume loud enough so I can hear through out the house without each detector sounding