How wire output from NVR (Camera) into the Omnipro II ?


How wire output from NVR into the Omnipro II ?
(attached drawing of correct wiring?)
NVR Hikvision DS-7716NI-SP/16  (NVR)
Program setup
- Default status: Low Level (Greyed out and don't think I option to change this)
- Triggering Status: Pulse (Greyed out and don't think I option to change this)
- Delay: I have options of 5sec, 10sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min - (Is this dwell time - time period the system is in a given state?) (The lights that will be triggered by the NVR, I was planning on using OmniPro programing to determine length of time they will be on) 
Output on back of NVR: 1, 1G, 2, 2G, 3, 3G, 4, 4G
Omnipro II
- Take the "1" lead to a open zone "Z+"  ?
- Take the "1G" to the Auxiliary 12 VDC add connect to its "GND"  ?
- Set Zone Type as "Auxiliary" ?
- In Setup item for zone resistors is set to "Yes"  (1000-ohm zone resistors are used on all the zones). So I assume I need to use a zone resistor ?
NVR Omni wiring pic 1.jpg


Here utilizing Optex combo's.  There are PIR, Night/Day and case pairs of zone wires. 
The zone wires are connected to Plus (+) and Minus (-) terminals on the panel.  I also have EOL resistors connected to the terminals on the camera combo and soldered/heat shrinked to the wire.
I used them for outdoor after hour lighting. 
Personally I would connect the 1 and 1G to the Plus (+) and minus (-) zone terminals on the OmniPro panel.  (thinking though the ground is the same on both.
I would strongly recommend an isolation relay. Most likely the HIK is using an open collector on the board and not suited to switch zone voltage


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Can you either explain or point me in the direction that describes an open collector and isolation relay?