HP all-in-one questions


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My non-HP all-in-one bit the dust so I need to replace it. Looking at something like the HP OfficeJet 6500 or 8500. Couple of questions for anyone who owns something similar or knows about them...

1. My current printer had some pretty good Windows software that allowed the user to initiate a scan to folder from a PC. Once the document to be scanned was loaded into the sheet feeder, I could scan it into multiple formats (jpeg, pdf, etc.) and save it to any local or network folder using any file name. I used the "scan to PDF" function a lot and want to make sure anything I get can do this on the replacement. I can't find any user manual or documentation on the HP all-in-one software, so I can't tell if it can do the same thing. I know it can scan to a folder using the controls on the printer, but I don't know what formats or if a scan can be initiated from a PC.

2. My current printer used a huge amount of ink for its "cleaning". I don't do all that much color printing, so my guess is that well over half of the ink was wasted during its automatic cleaning process. At least I think that is what was happening. Maybe it used a lot of color ink when it was printing only black and white. It had three color cartridges and a black cartridge. Seems like the color cartridges lasted at most six months before going empty, and that was with very little printing. I have a laser printer and that is where most of the printing is done. My current all-in-one is used for faxing, scanning to a file, black and white copying, and a little color printing (at most 10 pages a month).