HP/Compaq Tablet PC for $899

Doh.. along similar lines, I was just bidding on a Viewsonic Viewpad 1000, I chickened-out at $560, and it went for $621. These are really nice machines - tablet PCs that you can use as a touchscreen (without a pen). I think jwilson owns one or more of them and has had good things to say about 'em.

P.S. If any of y'all see jrfuda bidding on any viewpads BACK OFF :D
John and others,
I just got back from my doctor and she carries one of the TC1000T's from office to office instead of the old paper charts. Me being the gadget type started quizzing her on it home automation uses. One thing to be aware of is, she told me she has gone through three of them in less that 6 months. She also stated that the battery in all of them only lasted around 45 minutes to an hour. Who knows this could of been hers at one time. They still look cool. :D

I just bought a new Compaq Presario at Sam's (3 months ago) 2.2 ghz AMD, 512 ram, 40 gb HD. for $699 and that is what I use nightly and it also sets on the kitchen desk.
No, Just a plain ol' laptop. I have several touchscreen CF-01's around and they work good if you have a static page. But for everyday surfing around these BB and the web a laptop can't be beat.