HP ScanJet includes a 'play tune' command


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Recently I saw a demonstration of a formula 1 racing engine playing music by revving the engine at different speeds (imagine how powerful that motor is to be able to speed up/slow down that fast), but I just found this article, which shows how the HP scanjet scanner has a command to do the same thing. Guess the people at HP were bored ;)


Check out that video.
I have a card deck stashed in the archives somewhere that, when printed on an IBM 1403 chain printer (roughly 1960 technology) plays "Anchors Aweigh".

I've also got a paper tape for a DEC PDP-8 which plays various tunes on an AM radio held near the PDP-8's core stack.

Younger members of this group may have difficulty with the terms "card deck", "paper tape", and "core stack" - find an old person and ask them to explain ;)

- Dennis Brothers
hehe, I had a deck at one time that played the William Tell Overture while printing the Mona Lisa on an old 132 column IBM line printer - talk about multitasking! hehe