HP X360 Model 14m-cd0xxx Updates


The is related to two year old post about the HP Pavilion X360 Model 14m-cd0xxx.

What I have done with it in the last couple of months:

1 - replaced touchscreen which was cracked (ended up doing this 3 times). Vendor sent me replacements for free.
2 - replaced lid as hinges were broken. Broke the camera removing it from the old lid and replaced that.
3 - installed Windows 11 on it.

Its OK running and not really happy with Windows 11 on it. Found out Windows 11 does not have a tablet mode that is easy to get to.

Combo Bluetooth / Wireless card is old style with slow speeds. Upgrading it to a combo Broadcom Bluetooth / WLAN card.

It does not have a built in Ethernet Port and only has Wireless built in.

Upgrading memory to 16 Gb and HD to M.2 style replacing SATA drive it it.

Taking it apart is a real PITA. Will post pictures.