I was wondering how I can find the subnet mask and default gateway of an HP3000. I have never worked on this system and would like to know. I do not need to change it but would help if I had the info. Thanks.
Is this a HPUX system?

For many Unix machines, I've seen commands like "netstat -r" to see the routing table and gateways. A gateway will normally have a "G" in its flags.

For the netmask, try commands like "ifconfig net0" (net0 being the first network card).

I don't know if these commands work on a HP system however...
One trick might be to try a traceroute command to see how it tries to reach a different address (if the system has the traceroute command). Try a command like this:

traceroute (use an fictitious address that looks completely different from the system's own IP address). The first address you see in the list would be the default gateway.
The route command is normally used to set add, change or delete routes. The netstat -r command is usually used to display the routine table. It looks like HP isn't using these typical commands for IP routing. Try a search on the net...
some useful links to get you started


Robelle are private company but links to all sorts of related stuff

MPE Manuals at HP

once you have exhausted all the stuff at MPE level you can switch to Posix - as HP very nicely give you a complete unix system hidden underneath MPE

you can do anything with a HP3000 - some legendary stories include throwing one off a building from 30ft up then keep using it, or burning the building around it and the blackened system 42 still running afterwards. The company needed a new office but their data was fine!