HS 2.0 compatibility list


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Anyone look at the LACK of compatibility with the current plug-ins.

What a sad tale that is. I feel bad for anyone that may have actually PAID for a plug-in.

No update for Powerlinc
No update for HAI thermostats.
(the 2 that I care about)

Just think if HS 2 were released on time...oh wait, I digress. It's only about 150 days late now.....totally normal.. nothing to worry about :)
The Napco Gemini plugin was recently updated for 2.0.
mcsTemp, mcsMovement, mcsSprinklers all work
doomotion, doonetwork work
Slinke works
MLHSPlugin (Mainlobby) works

These are the ones off the top of my head that I am using.
RCSSerial Temp was just updated but I haven't tested yet.

Once it's in public beta, plugin authors will get busy. I suspect that lots have been wait and see and others waiting for the changes to settle down to minimize rework.
don't forget the W800RF plugin, eventho I am sure most of these plugins will be working once HS 2.0 has been released.
electron said:
don't forget the W800RF plugin, eventho I am sure most of these plugins will be working once HS 2.0 has been released.
Yes, this is a big big one as well, but I didn't list is as I "thought" Oman was on it (getting it useable for HS2.0 as well as adding other features). I have this certain HS board post stuck in my head with this info, but again, I'm relying on my memory (and we know how much trouble that can get me into :) ).
I wonder why peter said the RFID works great with 2.0 and that status page says hes getting errors. I sure hope that plugin is solid.

I feel sorry for those of you who won't be able to upgrade do to lack of plugin support. Hopefully homeseer will make them step up and support the big ones or turn over the source.
If you guys can contact the plugin developers and get them to update the status page it would be a hugh help. I added a detailed description to the status page so the plugin developer can give a more detailed description.

Thanks for the help.

Most of the times a HS1.7 plugin running in HS2.0 might function, but may also write some non critical errors to the log that the plugin isn't using a newer preferred method. That might explain the RFID notations.
There are 2 plugins that I rely critically on, the W800 and the CM19A for ninja commands. Neither are ready, although I believe Case is working on the W800 revisions - but I also heard that he may be expanding the functionality and then looking to make a paid plugin. I think the CM19A plugin is dead - the author having "left the building".