Hs and min. computer specs


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HS lists a 300mhz as the bare minimum when using VR, but is anyone using anything less with or without VR?

System Requirements:
Operating System:
Windows XP (Recommended)
Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (Recommended)
Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6
Windows Millenium Edition (Not Recommended)
Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows 95 Is Not Supported

300Mhz or faster processor. Slower machines will run HomeSeer if voice recognition is not used.
64Mb of RAM Memory. 128Mb recommended for voice recognition.
100Mb of available hard disk space.
PC must be running at all times for HomeSeer to control your devices.
Note: If you intend to use the AT&T Voices, you will need at least a 400Mhz processor and 600Mb of disk space per voice. 256Mb of RAM Memory is recommended.

I only ask because I was given a Dell DesktopPro 2000 with an Intel MMX processor @ 200Mhz. This machine only has 32megs of RAM, but adding more should not be much of a problem (I think I have some laying around in another computer that will work, just dont know how much). I dont need to have the HS voices run at this point as I only intend to use this computer for testing purposes while I become acquainted with the software.

With the prices of motherboards and CPUs being so low, I will build a dedicated machine when I am ready to unleash HA on a full time basis, but would like to use this one for now, as Im sitting here staring at it.

I know I could just go and try it, but I really dont want to go through the trouble of installing a cd drive (the one in it is busted), hooking it into my wireless network, and downloading the program only to find that it wont work.

So just how low can one go?

lowest I ran HS successfully on (for a few months) is a P2 266mhz, 256mb PC100 memory, the system was also a domain controller, print server, and for a while I had VR enabled, but I needed better microphones, so I disabled it. I didn't have any problems, but running it on a faster system is definitely recommended when you run a bunch of scripts.