HS Server Shutdown


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Tried logging in on my HS Server from work today, not found.

Soon as I got home tonight, wife said, "I couldn't access the caller ID logs when I got home, and it's not annoucing calls anymore"

Server was up, Windows Screen, but HS2 was not loaded. Either the machine rebooted, or HS2 decided to quit and unload.

Clicking on HS2 and it loaded, with the log message "not properly shut down last time."

Do not have anything set to autoupdate in windows.

Server is on a new APC 1250 VA UPS.

Does Windows XP maintain a log file that might show what time, why, or if the machine rebooted, and if so, where can I find it?

I've had this box about 2 months and this is the third time I've noticed something similar. Thought I would suspect my hardware first and not just "Blame" HS2 for dropping out.

Edit: Windows XP Home, all updates (as of last week) HS2 Build 1972
By default, the machine will reboot when a BSOD occurs, check your event log (right click on the My Computer icon, and select manage), there should be an unexpected shutdown msg in there.
Also look in the event logs. There are 3 messages from "eventlog" all together that show up every time the system starts. On a dirty shut down the first (or bottom on default sort) entry will be an error instead of information as the type.

These at least let you know if the system rebooted or just HS shut down.....

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Didn't find anything like the BSOD that in there. ?

Did find this under System Tools
Event Viewer

These are the first entries since 9/24/05 I know the server was up at 8:00 AM this morning since I heard HS announce the weather as I was leaving for work.


Information 8:51:50 AM W32Time 35 N/A
Information 9:00:36 AM EventLog 6009 N/A
Information 9:00:36 AM EventLog 6005 N/A
Information 9:00:36 AM TCPIP 4201 N/A
Error 9:00:38 AM Service Center Mgr 7000 N/A
Information 9:00:49 AM Service Center Mgr 7036 N/A
Information 9:00:49 AM Service Center Mgr 7035 System
Information 9:00:49 AM Service Center Mgr 7036 N/A
Information 9:00:49 AM Service Center Mgr 7035 System
Information 9:00:49 AM Service Center Mgr 7036 N/A
Information 9:00:55 AM W32Time 35 N/A
Information 9:00:58 AM Service Center Mgr 7035 Local Service

then nothing else until 6:52 PM when is about the time I returned home and clicked on the HS icon to restart it.

The above means nothing to me, except something happened around 9:00 AM this morning :D

In the morning I'll see what HS wrote to the daily log tonight.

Just need to know if this new box, P4, 3ghz, 512mb Ram is stable enough for HS2, or if the problem is with HS2.
The log entries from eventlog with the #'s 6005 and 6009 are certainally indicative of a reboot.

Now as to the cause of the reboot, I have no idea if it's HS or something else....
6009 and 6005 (in that order) get logged on boot. They are normally preceded by a 6006, which is the last message logged when the system shuts down. The fact that there is no 6006 indicates that a BSOD, power-fail or something equally abrupt has occurred.