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I've been using the Hawking Tech 56K (forget exact model) for quite a while now for Homeseer Phone as an answering machine. As of late I've been dissapointed in the overall quality of the sound. I keep the files as .wavs and it just seems to have too much distortion. I also can never seem to get a good setting for hangup detection. I either cut the person off or I get the "if you wish to make a call".

Anyone using HSP for an answering machine? Just trying to find out some better modems to use for this. If the modem has XP drivers that would be great as I can't seem to get working ones for my Hawking modem.
I gave up on HSP, I have the same exact modem, I was actually looking for some drivers today to see if I could fix anything, but no go and I am not planning on investing a lot of money in a new modem.
I have the actual HS pci modem (conextant). It works pretty good for an answering machine. I wish it would amplify the quiet talkers a bit more but I'll put up with that because I love being able to have custom ansering messages for specific numbers - like my sister who I hate to talk to B)
I too use the HST modem and it works great as my only answering machine. I never have to check messages when I get home because all messages received during the day are emailed to me. Rumor has it that they should be back in stock in about 4-6 weeks.
I'll have to look into that then. I really like the answering machine setup with HSP, but the sound quality just isn't what I want. Thanks for the info guys. I'll check that out.
I too am a happy HSPCI Modem owner. I only recently got it working flawlessly - my old rig was too slow (PIII 800) to handle it reliably, but my new one (Athlon 2600+) works great with it. Messages are crystal clear, and I too have them emailed to myself and the wife at work.

I use a combination of techniques to retrieve my messages. I either listen to them over email, or use an IR trigger to play them back using the speakphonemessages.txt script, or (when my tablet was working) used CFGuy's PhoneWeb interface to access the messages.
If you are thinking that you'd entertain a non-HS solution, I can say that I've been pretty happy with the CyberGenie I've got going here. They are no longer being made and are relatively cheap on eBay. Support is still offered by some of the origianl programmers, though not much progress has been made on any significant solutions other than an upgrade to the original software.

They, too have the ability to have multiple mailboxes, take and email messages, web interface, multiple outgoing messages, time of day changes (day/night messages), etc. They even allow the caller to speak the name of the person they want to talk to, and CyberGenie will ring that extension and/or drop into voicemail just for that person. The email is done through MAPI and Outlook. It just isn't easy to interface the CG to HS (or no one has done it yet). It is a wireless (2.4GHz) system only, handles two lines, but you don't need to use the handsets if you set up all the voicemail stuff.

Otherwise, a $15 answering machine at the local Walmart works pretty darn well...