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Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces its new “Z-Seer†software for advanced Z-Wave network analysis and troubleshooting. Z-Seer is designed to help installers and homeowners quickly diagnose and troubleshoot Z-Wave networks and will be the first tool of its type to ship! With Z-Seer, users can quickly and easily locate and display network problems and connectivity statistics.

“The biggest challenges in Z-Wave network setup have been to optimize the network for best performance and identify the problem spotsâ€, states Richard Helmke, HomeSeer president. “Until now, Z-Wave troubleshooting has been a tedious ‘trial and error’ process. However, with the release of our handheld Z-Trollerâ„¢ last month the upcoming release of Z-Seer later this month, we’ve taken the guesswork out of these challenges!†adds Helmke.

The new tool graphically displays all Z-Wave device nodes with connectively statistics, connection paths and packet transmission performance. Roll over any node in the display and its connected neighbors will light up. A bar-graph displays the node’s relative connectivity and total number of connected neighboring nodes. Right-click on any node and options will appear to test the node’s connectivity and optimize it for improved performance. A built-in function is also included to optimize the entire Z-Wave network.

Z-Seer is designed to work with the company’s new Z-Troller PC interface and its PRO-100 home automation controller or any PC running HomeSeer HSPRO or HS2 home automation software. Z-Seer is compatible with all Z-Wave products from all manufacturers including ACT, Intermatic, Leviton, Cooper, Monster Cable, RCS and Camstat (to name just a few).

Z-Seer is slated to begin shipping in November, 2006.

For the past eight years, HomeSeer Technologies has been creating some of the most popular and robust automation systems available. HomeSeer Technologies’ software and hardware controllers have been installed in over 10,000+ residential and commercial sites. HomeSeer has won numerous awards including TechTV’s Best of CES, HomeAutomation top 50, TechLiving’s HOT LIST, and was recently selected as a central integration component in all episodes of the hit FOX TV show “Renovate My Familyâ€. HomeSeer Technologies web site is HomeSeer.com.

About HomeSeer Technologies
HomeSeer Technologies is a leading provider of home control software based in Bedford New Hampshire. Our software and hardware controllers give users the ability to integrate and automate everything in their home, including lights, appliances, thermostats, audio/video, and media content. Our software is IP enabled, giving users remote access from anywhere in the world. Visit www.homeseer.com for more information.

About Z-Wave
Z-Wave is a low-cost, two-way, wireless mesh network communications technology that enables consumers to monitor and manage their home control systems – lighting, security systems, thermostats, garage door openers, entertainment systems – easily, conveniently and securely from anywhere in the world. The technology is developed by Zensys, a wireless technology developer for home control applications.

Z-Trollerâ„¢ is a trademark of HomeSeer Technologies.
Z-Wave® is a registered trademark of Zensys.

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Z-Seer Product Link: http://store.homeseer.com/store/Z-Seer-P235C5.aspx
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