HST Releases PRO-100 Home Automation Controller


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HomeSeer Technologies Releases PRO-100 Home Automation Controller

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 12, 2005


Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new PRO-100 home automation controller. The controller is part of the new HomeSeer PRO series, a new line of home control products designed specifically for the professional integrator and installer. The PRO-100 is the most powerful and flexible controller of its type featuring complete integration of lighting, security, HVAC and home theatre systems.

The PRO-100 gives professionals a new option for reliable home control. The unit is a total solution central controller for automating lights, appliances, HVAC, cameras, home theatre/media, and much more. Numerous automation components from leading industry manufacturers are already supported including Leviton, Lutronâ„¢, Lightolierâ„¢, Centralite, Vantage, RCS, JDS, Global Cacheâ„¢, Onqâ„¢, HAIâ„¢, PCS, Simply-Automated, Intermatic, iAutomate (RFID), ACT, Z-Wave, and many others.

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The system includes a hardware based controller with a protected embedded operating system for reliability. The unit contains no moving parts and may be mounted in a structured wiring cabinet. Management is accomplished using any web browser and the installer or homeowner can obtain full access to the system from the Internet. This allows for easy remote control, administration, schedule and configuration changes. A multitude of user interfaces are supported, including voice recognition (open-air, headset and telephone), touch screens, cell phones, telephones, PocketPCs and PDAs. Customization and extensibility are a part of the total solution allowing the installer to control user access.

The PRO-100 is shipping now and may be purchased through a network of authorized HomeSeer dealers and distributors.

For the past seven years HomeSeer Technologies has been creating some of the most popular and robust automation systems available. HomeSeer Technologies’ flagship product HomeSeer has been a solution for many levels of users from mission critical systems such as the lighting for the New York State Bridge Authority to the needs of their 10,000+ residential users. HomeSeer has won numerous awards including TechTV’s Best of CES 2004, HomeAutomation top 50, TechLiving’s HOT LIST for 2004, and was recently selected as a central integration component in all episodes of the hit FOX TV show “Renovate My Familyâ€. HomeSeer Technologies web site is HomeSeer.com.

About HomeSeer Technologies
HomeSeer Technologies is a leading provider of home control software based in Bedford New Hampshire. Our flagship product “HomeSeerâ€, gives users the ability to automate everything in their home, including lights, appliances, thermostats, audio/video, and media content. Our software is IP enabled, giving users remote access from anywhere in the world. Visit www.homeseer.com for more information.

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HomeSeer is a registered trademark of HomeSeer Technologies LLC

Media Contacts:

Mark Colegrove
Director of Sales
HomeSeer Technologies
[email protected]
a hardware based controller with a protected embedded operating system for reliability

Since Homeseer is so dependent on plugins, how does that work if the system is embedded and locked down?
I assume that since the Pro-100 is intended to be sold by the Pro market, that the Pro has means to update the Plugins.
No idea on price, I doubt they will publish this since it's targetted at installers. Looks like a great unit tho, and with XP embedded, things will be extremely stable since it's a controlled environment.
Are you looking at the case and making that decision?? lol
(If so I have a gaming console that I think you may be interested in.... )

Seems to me if the product is still open to plug-ins it is still wide open.
Skibum said:
Are you looking at the case and making that decision?? lol
(If so I have a gaming console that I think you may be interested in.... )

Seems to me if the product is still open to plug-ins it is still wide open.
I am looking at the features mentioned in the press release, and I am familiar with the hardware specifications as well.
I could not find any of that information. Maybe you could fill me in.
What chipset is it using?
What CPU?
What chipset does the video card use?
What audio card is used?
What are the Firewire ports used for?
What O/S is supplied? Sez Windows XP Optional...

Must be one super CPU... last time I tried to run homeseer with VR and TTS on a 1ghz machine with 512 it was pretty slow.

Given the 'it better survive a nuclear war' attitude of custom installers, I think it might have been a strategic mistake to do this before HS2 is completely stable. DIY users are one thing, but if a product is less than 100% stable with custom installers they'll never forget it. It's a small fraternity and word gets around quickly. I think that CQC is the most stable product out there in this category, but I still get acid reflux worrying if we've missed something that might cause a backlash among installers once we make this move ourselves. And once it's out there, you can't easily get updates into the field.
lokks a lot like the via m1000+ to me (which assembled is about $250). I would expect HS to sell this for about 1000.00, but would not be shocked if it were more.
I seem to recall ITX coming up when they first started talking about this. I don't remember if they said which board (and the way ITX boards are announced and become available, it may be hard to predict).

I also seem to recall a figure like $2K.