Humidifier dehumidifier programming


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I have just purchased a dehumidifier in hopes of managing some high humidity issues during the cold winter months.  Wrestling with the most efficient program to run it.  Appreciate any advice on programming blocks for annual humidifying and dehumifying taking into account our cold Canadian winters and relatively hot summers.  Lots of ways to skin this cat but thought I'd rely on the expertise of others.  Thanks
I do not automate my main house dehumidification. I use an ecobee stat for that that performs very well.  I do automate my floor humidifier as well as a ventilation fan in my cold cellar using an ISY994i. I was told I wouldn't need a humidifier with my very tight seal house I built but that was a lie. If I boiled food water  every night maybe, but the colds and flu living in a dry house is not worth it. My central air handler has no room and I use a large floor unit instead controlled by my ecobee stat, to ISY994i, to an Insteon plug-in, the humidifier is plugged into.
For both systems I use both high and a low humidity user settings. On a cyclic bases, synchronised with my central air handler fan, I trigger a program that runs the system for a very short cycle or a long cycle, depending on current home humidity (from the ecobee). The fan synchronisation is so that systems requiring the fan do not run the fan for only one purpose, keeping the total run time down and thus economy of the system.
The systems shut down when they detect I am on vacation, not needed, or wrong season.
Interesting approach.  I have the opposite problem.  House is so tight I can't get the humidity out (never needed a humidifier), hence the recent install of an HRV.  Hoping to write some code so it turns on when humidity is high. I use an HAI RC2000 Thermostat and would like to us its humidity setpoints that are set by programming, based on seasonal outside actual or average temperatures.  I have a few ideas on how to write the programing using PCaccess but expect I'll probably end up making it much more complicated that it needs to be and using many more lines of code then are necessary. 
Cold winter air holds very little water.   When you bring it inside and warm it up, the relative humidity will be very low.   That is the quickest and easiest way to dehumidify in the winter.
If your home is very tight, humidity can build up during the winter.   In those cases you need to ventilate your home with outside air-- both for humidity control and general health.   Search for ASRAE ventilation standard.
A HRV should reduce humidity, while improving indoor air quality.   It uses much less energy and is a lot less noisy than a dehumidifier.
I use a HAI Temp/Humidity sensor and this code to control my whole house humidifier.
The logic used in the Low/Hi settings for humidity are for a dehumidifier.
This works for me.
I know this is an old thread but thought someone my also have the question.

574. WHEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor SECURE
        THEN Whole House Humidifier ON

575. WHEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor NOT READY
        THEN Whole House Humidifier OFF

576. WHEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor NOT READY
        THEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor HIGH SETPOINT 35

577. WHEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor SECURE
        THEN Kitchen Humidity Sensor HIGH SETPOINT 38