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Of the three voltages displayed in the dallas OneWireViewer corresponds to the solar output?
The Oneviewer app quotes a humidity reading for the 2438 how does it know this?
Surely it is only measuring the voltage at the Vad pin? I have read the Dallas App note which uses a similar circuit to the hobbyboard component.
But I am very confused by the solar sensor as this seems to bear little relationship to the amount of sunlight on the sensor.


If you are looking at the device with the OneWireViewer then channel 2 will have the reading for the solar sensor. The solar sensor is not calibrated to any standard measurement like w/m2.

The humidity tab for the DS2438 assumes a circuit like the one we sell and just does, like you said, a calculation with VAD.

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so to sum up:

Channel 0 is the Power supply voltage
Channel 1 is the humidity sensor voltage
Channel 2 is the Solar sensor.

What kind of full range deflection should you get on the solar sensor?