HVAC power monitor?


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Hi Eric and All!

I got part of my 1-wire weather station up and running just need to get
some dry days to show up to finish it off.

Currently, my setup is this:

o) Linksys Router WRT54G with dual serial port modifications running OpenWRT
o) AAG Anemometer and Direction
o) Rain Gauge
o) Temperature Sensor (inside the case)
o) 1-wire Master Hub
o) 20watt Solar Panel (PV)
o) 2x6V (in series to make 12V) @ 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
o) PV Power Regulator

Now what is happening is that here in Northern Cali, the skies have been
quite gray. And, unfortunately, the PV can't charge up the batteries quick enough.
So the batteries die after three-four days.

I was wondering if the HVAC can measure the power of the Load, Battery and PV Voltages?

Also, would you happen to know the power consumption of the 1-wire devices?
I guess I would have to read up on the individual Dallas guides to get the data.

To get an idea of my 1-wire setup, here's pics of My Installation

Thanks for the help!