HVAC question - Omnistat 2 - Dual heating system


I currently have 2 independent heating system in my house. Hydronic floor controled with Aube th-135 thermostat (24 volts) and a Lenox air handler with electric heat (forced air) controled by a Lenox Thermostat.
I've installed a zone controller (5 zones) and proper motorized damper on the Lenox unit so I can control heat in each room independently. Now I need to connect proper thermostat for each zones.
The Lenox thermostat have R G W1 and C wires connected to it.
The TH-135 are 24 volt 2 wires connected to them.
Can I use a single thermostat (RC-1000 or RC-2000) per zone to control temperature in way that the Radiant heat is the main heat source and the forced air would kick in a secondary heat source when needed?
If I understand properly, to connect these system in Omnistat 2 on their own, I would need to:

For Hydronic 24 volt: I would connect to W1 and C 
For Forced air: I would connect R G W1 C.  Later when I add Air conditioning it would connect to Y2.

To use a single thermostat per zone how would this be wired?
Can I connect the Radiant heat to W1 and the forced air to W2 but I would need to connect both to the same 24 volts transformer ???  Unless there is a way to use separate transformer with a single thermostat?
If I use a single tranformer, how to know if the transformer is sufficient for both system? The Lenox unit is equipped with a Basler Electric BE32263004 transfo (PRI 208/240 Sec 24V 70VA) the hydronic system have a RIB TR40VA022 (PRI 120 SEC 24volt)
On the hydronic system there are 10 Thermal Actuator with end switch 24 volts. their spect are as follow:
Opera. Volt: 24 volt
power cons. 2W
Switch-on: max 250mA
Micro Switch 14V / 0.5A
Protection IP54
Is it safe to say I can only use the transfo form the Lenox unit for both system?


You did not indicate what zone Controller your using.

Use your AC/HotAir Heat as the primary power for the Tstat.
The zone Controller may be USED as the ISOLATION relay or NOT.
Need more info

Use RC-1000 in Heat Pump mode ie Emergency Heat, only not duel fuel. Use a RC-2000 as the primary Cooling Tsat

The RC-1000 will support the following systems:

 Single Stage Heat/Cool Conventional
> Heat Pump (2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool)
 Dual Fuel Heat Pump (2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool)


I'm looking to have the Hydronic system (heated floors) as the primary heat source and the air handler as the secondary.
I'm using a BMPLUS5000 from REtrozone (http://retrozone.com/Catalog/panels.htm), 
EWC BMP Control Panel
Up to 7 Zones with expansion panels Available in 3, 5 and 7 zones by using the XM2 Expansion modules (up to 2 modules can be used). Comes with Supply Air Sensor.
Can control:
- 2 stage conventional or dual fuel kits or Heat Pumps.
- Single or two-stage gas, oil and hydronic heating systems, with single or two stage air conditioning.  Constant or variable speed fan systems.
- System can operate Heat Pump or 2nd stage from thermostat, timer or adjustable outdoor air sensor.  Will allow Heat Pump operation (back up heat) from thermostat, outdoor sensor, timer or switch on control panel.
- Compatible with any "off the shelf" Heat Pump or regular heat/cool thermostat.
- Automatic heat/cool changeover.
- Status LEDs, system LEDs, Damper LEDs.
- Operating power is 24VAC.
So I have 5 zones.  I already bought one RC-2000 and was thinking in installing 4 more Omnistats to replace the radiant heat Aube TH-135 so I would have one per zone.  Every Omnistat controlling both Radiant and Air Handler
I'll be controlling all the thermostat with my CQC system. (There is a threat on CQC to build a direct drivers for CQC to control Omnistat 2.  If there is enough interest we will get it if not I'll be using my ELK )

Dean Roddey

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Beaumeri said:
I'll be controlling all the thermostat with my CQC system. (There is a threat on CQC to build a direct drivers for CQC to control Omnistat 2.  If there is enough interest we will get it if not I'll be using my ELK )
A wee spelling issue there :) There's a thread, not a threat. On your knees before me, lest I build a driver and control the set points of your souls forever.