Hydronic radiant heating systems controlled by ELK


Hi guys,

I am currently building my House and I am looking at controlling my basement in floor radiant heating system. I have search the forum and found information about HVAC… and found forced air system information.

If anyone has that kind of setup, can you please provide the following information and explain your setup?

What kind of thermostat?

Do you control the zones valves and water pump with the elk relay?

Thanks in advance!
I am in the process of putting one together. I'm planning on using Takagi tankless water heater, www.aqenergy.com heating box, RCS senders with a four zone control unit, three zones of heating and AC, all controlled by the M1.
Thanks rfdesq,

Wich thermostat are you using ? the TR16 or T40?

I have the Quietside QVM9 www.quietside.com boiler. It feeds my in floor and air handler coil.