I lost the ElkM1 bench testing image post


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I failed to bookmark a post a while back and now I can't find it.

There was a post in which someone had hooked up their new Elk M1 on a workbench and took a picture of the whole thing. I wanted to use this as a reference when it came time for me to install the Elk M1 so I sent the poster an email requesting a high resolution version of the picture. Unfortunatley I did not get a response, I can't find a sent email feature here, and I can't find the post. I believe the post was a few weeks ago.

If anyone knows of this post, or has a similar Elk M1 full system image (like on a workbench) please let me know. It would be much appreciated.

Thank You,
Hi Johnny,

If Wayne's link is correct... that's me (and the Elk is still there on the bench). ;)

I don't really know if that photo will be a better reference than the manual, but if you want a high res let me know.

If you emailed previously, sorry I must have missed it?

This community is really just great!! Thanks for the reply guys.

Yes that is the post, thanks so much. I must have spent an hour trying to to track it down. It's too bad the search feature here doesn't let us search for 3 letter words, like "elk" or "cqc", or even 2 letters like "M1". I'll have to work on my cocoontech search skills. ;)

Paul, I'll send you a PM this time with my email address. The picture will be a great supplement to the manual and will give me a better visual way to think about how to arrange all the components in the cabinet.

Thanks again guys.