I love Premise. Quick garage upgrade.


I have a detached garage/workshop (the "Upper Garage"). I have long had it setup so that when I opened the doors the Occupancy module would cause the lights to turn on and the air compressor to power on.
I've had a stereo up there for a while in a cabinet. It's an old Marantz SR808 receiver from the stone ages that works great pumping Pandora while I work on my cars. Since it's in a cabinet I forget to turn it off. Days later I'll go into the garage and feel the heat on the counter top above where the receiver is :).
I decided to fix this. As is typical, even though I completely over-wired my house when I built it, there is no extra wiring to this location. But there is a Wifi access point nearby with extra RJ45 ports.  
So I found a new Global Cache GC-100 on eBay for $50 (my first GC product, BTW). 
I went or RemoteCentral.com and searched for "Marantz receiver discrete power ir" and found this:
I setup the GC-100 with an IP address on my network and added it to Premise. I put the included IR emitter on the receiver. 
I added a Custom Device for the Marantz and pasted the 2 IR codes in.
After testing that it actually worked I then changed this logic diagram:

Just damn cool how easy this stuff is.